I did thorough research before choosing the Topseed Pro. Its features and build quality appeared to be the same as professional machines that were being marketed for 2 or 3 times the price. It certainly appeared to be worth paying a little bit extra for the Pro model to get the full range of programmes. It took about 5 minutes to set up straight out of the box, and I was immediately impressed by the range of shots and court positions that could be programmed. It does suit a player that has a bit of tennis under their belt, as the power and speed of the machine even at the lowest settings is not for the complete beginner. At the highest settings even Andy Murray would get a good workout! The backspin, topspin and lob settings are very realistic, and the cross court and random functions give you the flexibility to play single or pairs. You can change programmes with the remote control at any point in the cycle. The ball bucket is huge and swallowed up my 80 balls easily. I would definitely recommend to anyone wanting to do drills to perfect strokes or even get a work out playing the random/cross court settings. Super machine!