Looking to improve your backhand, return serves, volleys or just need some overall court practice but don’t want to spend your time running after balls? Then we have found a way for your to perfect your game and you don’t even need to find a compatible tennis partner.

The Solution? The TopSeed PRO V3 Tennis Ball Machine your ultimate tennis partner. The Topseed PRO V3 Tennis Ball Machine is a relatively new machine but is hitting the market by storm simply because it is the best value advanced Tennis Ball machine in Australia. This cutting edge machine is specifically designed to bring comfort and functionality to the court and includes a handheld remote so you can conveniently change settings at full court distance. Doubles can also practice together as the machine has line drills to deliver balls to both sides of the court and at varying depths.


The features of the TopSeed PRO V3 Tennis Ball Machine are endless and include all those you can expect from a top end machine. Features such as a fully controllable ball speed of up to 140km/h, spin ball selection and elevation degrees for a ground stroke lob give you the flexibility to perfect your game and become a well rounded player. Also the feature of an extra large tub which now includes over 200 balls gives you playing time on the court. The Topseed PRO V3 Tennis Ball Machine also helps practise your various training drills with its varying degrees of horizontal, vertical and Internal oscillations. These functions can be set by the user and depict how far, how long and how predictable your ball can be placed on the court.

The main feature that has really caught attention is the Drill Functions of the Topseed Pro V3 Tennis Ball Machine which have been proven to help players become strategic and more accurate tennis players. The machines fixed-point function enables balls to be delivered in the same area of the court which helps increase accuracy. The 3 line horizontal drill function enables players to return balls that alternate between backhand, center and forehand swings giving confidence in returning shots that can be crucial to winning the match. Like playing doubles? The Topseed PRO V3 machine also includes a Random Function (delivering balls to various positions of the court) and an X-court drill function (delivering balls to opposite sides of the court), which is perfect to play with your partner or strategically by singles to drain out their opponent and wait for them to make that crucial error. The High/Low drill function delivers balls in the same area of the court but at varied short and long depths, which keeps players on their toes to be able to deliver perfect returns to unexpected shots. And remember all functions can be changed at a moment notice and at full court distance with the hand help wireless Topseed remote.

We also give the Top Ball Tennis Ball Machine a tick for its cutting edge design, a tick for its compact shape making it a pleasure to bring out on the court and a tick for its retractable handle allowing you to roll the machine with ease. Leaving the best to last is its price. The Topseed PRO V3 Tennis Ball Machine includes all the functions of a top end machine and is only $1799 which we give our final BIG TICK.

So tested by experts, used by professionals and trusted by many tennis player enthusiasts the Topseed PRO V3 Tennis Ball machine is simply the best machine on the market by far. And at only $1799 it’s your must have tennis partner!TopSeed Pro V3 photo

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