What is a Pressureless Tennis Ball?

A pressureless tennis ball is different to your regular pressurized tennis balls. Instead of a hollow core filled with air, a pressureless tennis ball does not have a hollow core and is solid. Instead of going through cans upon cans of balls to practice with, pressureless balls also last longer. They are more responsive to…
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Topseed Pro V3 Tennis Ball Machine Functions Video

Every detail of the Topseed PRO V3 Tennis Ball Machine has been designed for ease and comfort whilst functioning as the ultimate tool to improve your game. The machine comes with a remote control so you can conveniently change settings at full court distance. Check out the below video to view all functions that the…
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Topseed Infographic

Why Purchase a Topseed Sports Machine?

By Purchasing a Topseed Tennis Ball Machine you are buying from an Australian brand and cutting out the margins that distributors, resellers are all adding to foreign brand machines that are selling in Australia. This means you can purchase a quality tennis ball machines at a fraction of the price of competing products that often…
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